ML/AI Decision Recommendation Engine

Utilize ML/AI to take your next business decision

Let's Unlock The Power of Data

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Empowering Smarter Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Drive Business Growth with Data-Backed Decisions, Empowered by ML and AI

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We collaborate with you to understand your data sources, metrics, and visualization preferences.

We connect and collect data from the specified data sources.

and build intuitive dashboard design with seamless data integration and interactive features.

Now, confidently take decisions supported by Fully Functional automated decision dashboards that integrates data from up to 3 specified sources and provide real-time insights and visualizations.

We offer different service levels tailored to your specific needs

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AI/ML Development

Understand your AI/ML objectives and develop custom models and algorithms

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Data Engineering

Implementing scalable data architectures, building data pipelines, data warehousing, and ETL processes

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Data Analytics

Analyze, and visualize your data, providing actionable insights and reports

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Data Science

Leveraging statistical modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms

We Did it Before

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Ladder career path for business growth success process

Helped GSK CH reduce the time to action by 80% and reduce the time consumed by the portfolio executive by 30%, doubling their innovation growth target worth 10’s million dollars.

Solved the first problem with developing a data pipeline system, then a single database to provide Pfizer clear and simple insights

Zid was able to use the models we built to raise a funding round of $2M USD focusing on the strategic direction presented in the data-driven growth strategy.

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data-driven decisions

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data-driven decisions



data-driven decisions

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Smplcty is an analytics consulting startup bringing the best-in-class analytics practices, enabling clients to become data-driven through harnessing the value of their data and bringing out actionable insights that can increase their profitability and drive efficiency


Contact: +14156179964

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